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3 islands within the Seychelles you want to see


Visitors to the Seychelles trying to find the entire island holiday are spoilt for choice. With 115 islands forming the archipelago, choosing the proper island to go to could also be a frightening task.

But if you had to settle on just three islands within the Seychelles to go to , these are IOL’s recommendations.


Mahe is that the Seychelles’ main island and residential to the capital, Victoria. a minimum of 90% of the country’s population of 97 000 people survive Mahe which features a bustling port, the international airport, modern shopping malls and a vibrant city center .

Mahe has quite 60 beaches from where visitors can hire alittle charter or a yacht to fish, snorkel, swim and scuba dive.

For the people who love a hike, Mahe offers the Copolia hiking trail, a two-hour hike up a mountain which once you are at the highest gives you a 360º view of the island.

The city centre of Victoria is rich in history, with its busy market, cathedrals and Esplanade where you’re bound to find that souvenir to require home.

Another must-see is Eden Island, built on reclaimed land, that features a mall, casino, bars and restaurants that serve both traditional and western cuisine.


Praslin is that the Seychelles’ second largest island and really fashionable tourists, many of who found out base here. The island may be a 15-minute flight from Mahe and being based here allows quick access to other islands via ferry.

Boasting a number of the simplest beaches you’ll find anywhere within the world, perhaps the island’s most famous attraction is that the Vallée de Mai, a world heritage site where the Coco de Mer – a double-lobed coconut – grows. it’s the sole place within the world where this giant palm grows naturally.

So beautiful is that the Vallée de Mai that when General Gordon of Khartoum visited within the 18th century, he returned to London claiming that it had been the first site of the biblical Garden of Eden.

According to locals, Anso Lazio beach, north-west of the island, is taken into account the world’s best beach.


La Digue is that the Seychelles’ fourth largest island, and lies 43km from the most island of Mahe and 6.5km from Praslin.

Measuring just 5km by 3km, La Digue is home to a number of the Seychelles’ most iconic beaches, and features a population of just 3 000.

Compared to Mahe, life on the small island of los angeles Digue is slow and there aren’t many cars, with the most means of transport being the bicycle.

A bike ride round the island will take one about 40 minutes, and a walk from one end to the opposite , an hour.

A must-visit destination is that the L’Union Estate, where one will get a glimpse of the island’s coconut industry within the sort of coconut kiln and rustic mill where coconut flesh is turned to grease .

The Anse Source d’Argent beach on the island, with its giant boulders that ribbon the beaches, is taken into account the world’s most pristine beach and a must-see for any tourist visiting the island.