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So guys, at the time of publishing this article, here are the ten most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram.

Instagram is one social media platform where most celebrities get to share with their fans and followers, the other side of their lives.

For a lot of these celebrities, Instagram has become a platform where they keep fans and followers abreast of their day to day itinerary, more like a virtual diary.

However, some of these celebrities have done everything possible to keep every detail about private lifestyle away from the prying eyes of the public.

Wondering how these guys have been able to win millions of followers on Instagram? Well if you are an Instagram addict and maybe stalker of these guys then you’d know that it is because of the different vibes and content they share online.

For some of these celebs, they have become famous on Instagram for their giveaways, flamboyant lifestyle, fashion style, controversial statements, and even hilarious content.

So guys, at the time of publishing this article, here are the ten most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram.

1. Davido (16M)

Davido is unarguably one if not the biggest celebrity in Nigeria at the moment. The twenty-seven-year-old singer broke into the music scene back in 2012 when he dropped the hit single ‘Dami Duro.’ Since then there has been no holding back for Davido.The singer has remained the most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram for the last three years and we think he is going to retain that position for a long time judging by the ever-rising number of followers on his page.If you are looking to find what Davido is up to, what new car he is planning to buy or has bought, his concerts, time out with his friends and business partners, lovey-dovey moments with his kids and fiancee, Chioma then you’d find every detail on Instagram page. We can describe Davido’s Instagram page as his diary.

2. Tiwa Savage (10.6M)


With 10.6M followers, Tiwa Savage remains one of the most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram. A few years ago, the music star had a flare for sharing some of the most seductive and gorgeous photos on her Instagram page. Well, in 2019, ‘Mummy Jam Jam’ took down most of those photos. Today, the music star has even released better photos which continues to wow her fans.

Her fan base has continued to grow on Instagram. Unlike several celebrities who have become famous for sharing their day to day activities including that of their family lifestyle, Tiwa barely gives anyone details of what she is up to. However, on rare occasions, we get to see photos of her cute son, Jamil Balogun.

3. Yemi Alade (10.6M)

One of the most successful celebrities of modern times in Nigeria is Yemi Alade. Everyone loves Yemi Alade and that has transcended to her fan base on Instagram. For someone who has always stayed away from controversies, 10.6 million followers on Instagram shows how organic and loyal her fans are.

Alade’s 10.6 million followers on Instagram are probably tied to her umbilical cord because of the sanity on her Instagram page. It is devoid of chaos or drama rather you’d find beautiful photos of the voluptuous singer staring at you on your arrival.

4. Funke Akindele (10.5M)

Funke Akindele remains one of the titans of the Nigerian entertainment industry and it doesn’t look she will slow down anytime soon. Akindele’s continuous rise on Instagram can be connected to her die-hard fans who have remained loyal to her craft.

One interesting feat about the actor’s Instagram page is its diversity. If you are looking for some good laugh, be sure to click on Akindele’s page to watch some skits from her movies especially her hit TV drama series, Jenifa. So also her fashion style and beautiful family have found a way of taking a huge part of her page.

5. Wizkid (10.1M)


The music star has always kept his private lifestyle away from social media even though now and then he teases fans with photos of his sons and trips on private jets, the singer knows how to show a lot but not reveal next to anything. This hasn’t stopped the Wizkid FC from turning up to shower likes and comments on all his photos and videos.

6. Ini Edo (8.9M)

Ini Edo is the sixth most followed celebrity in Nigeria and this doesn’t surprise many for obvious reasons. Unlike a lot of movie stars who use their social media platforms to share with fans all their projects, Ini Edo has been able to capture hers with a different approach.

Wondering why 8.8 million people would decide to follow Ini Edo? Then you’d have to spend maybe five minutes going through her page, hopefully, your view would change.

Edo’s fashion statement and beautiful lifestyle take a huge chunk of her page and we guess everyone who wants to fashionista in Nigeria probably has a share on that Instagram page.

7. Peter Okoye (8.7M)

If you are trying to figure out how celebrities live their flamboyant lifestyles, Peter Okoye (Psquare) is the template for that masterclass. Everything about the 38-year-old singer oozes of class and affluence. From his cars to his mansion and wardrobe, you’d probably run out of data trying to find your way around his Instagram page.

Okoye doesn’t only share photos of his wealth on Instagram, but sometimes reveal details of his music career and its journey so far, tours, and concerts. Another beautiful feat about Okoye’s Instagram page is his beautiful family which he has never shied away from the limelight.

8. Don Jazzy (8.5M)

It is safe to say the funniest celebrity on social media who isn’t a comedian is Don Jazzy. Even though he needs no introduction, the music mogul can be mistaken for a comedian because of the hilarious videos he shares on Instagram. Obviously, that has helped increase in fan base to 8.5 million and still counting.

Comedy aside, the music mogul has been able to gain so much fan base because of his history as one of the best if not the best music producer in modern Nigeria. So you all know, Don Jazzy is known for his benevolence act which has seen a lot of fans camp in his comment section waiting patiently for his giveaways.

9. AY Makun (8.2M)

Ayo Makun has been in the business of comedy and entertainment generally for over two decades and can certainly be described as one of the biggest names in the industry. No wonder he makes it to this list with 8.2 million followers on Instagram.

A typical day on AY’s Instagram page isn’t out of the ordinary. If he isn’t giving shoutouts to his friends on their birthdays, you are definitely going to see videos and skits from different comedians, including himself. Let’s not forget all the lovey-dovey photos of his wife, Mabel and himself.

10. Mercy Johnson (7.9M)

One person who’s social media influence continues to amaze us is Mercy Johnson-Okojie. The Nollywood actress has remained one of the most sought after movie stars in the country. Since joining Instagram, her fan base has continued to grow leap and bounds.

One interesting and very unique feat about this actress is the speed at which her 7.9 million followers are quick to click on anything she shares on the social media platform. If you want to watch a typical day of a celebrity and her family be sure to follow Johnson-Okojie on Instagram. You are going to enjoy all the goofy events that take place in her home and how her three beautiful kids and husband are already fitting into her frisky social media presence.

source: Pulse

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